Suffolk Wine Courses
Wine tasting for fun, wine societies and corporate events

Wine tasting for fun, wine societies and corporate events

When unwinding from work and relaxing with friends and family, maybe celebrating a "big birthday", why not have some fun together tasting wines at an informally tutored wine tasting?

Tastings usually take place in an evening or at the weekend in the cosy atmosphere of your home around a large kitchen table or in a sitting room whilst perched on armchairs and sofas.

When you decide that you would like to hold a tasting we discuss the practicalities:

I'll then make various selections for you to consider and only buy your selected wines when you have made that decision. I do not sell wines and am under no obligation to any specific wine merchant.

Tastings usually take around 2 hours, though if you decide to enjoy a meal at the same time, sampling wines per course, it can last longer! I am also very happy to present tastings for wine societies and their members along with corporate events.

I ask to be reimbursed for wines purchased before the tasting and for my fee to be paid by the end of a tasting.